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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Little kiss?

Badly needing a guacamole fix I ventured into Huntington yesterday with a neighbor to Besito a Mexican restaurant in town. Besito is a Mexican restaurant in the way Paris Hilton is a star, all hype and no substance or authenticity. It looks lovely but fails to deliver a satisfying experience. Why is that the restaurants with the best decor serve so-so food? The same is true of Prime in Huntington too.
I'd actually eaten there once before when it first opened and garnered rave reviews from the NY Times and Newsday. I found it overpriced, the signature drink lacking in that vital ingredient alcohol and the entrees, like at John Tunney's other Huntington restaurants Blue Honu and American Burger Company, came with an unhealthy dose of sugar. But I was assured by my companion that the guacamole, which is prepared theatrically on a cart at the table, was awesome.
Last time it was so loud I had to lip read what my man was trying to say. This time it was quieter, although there were still large groups of men in suits there (see and be seen), but the food was exactly the same as two years ago and that went for the specials too: shrimp ceviche del dia and crab enchiladas. If the specials are the same every time, they aren't really special are they?
I ordered the enchiladas and so wished I hadn't. They looked insipid on the plate and tasted like condensed milk, with no spice or herbs at all. And they really push that signature cocktail, which is just overly sweet with cointreau, fruit juices and a slug of tequila. The wait staff were pleasant but overzealous, I got the feeling we should either be ordering more drinks or moving on out.
If you want a trendy Mexican eatery, choose Rosa Mexicano in the city, where the food is worth the price, otherwise go for the real deal and try the newly-opened branch of Oaxaca on Main Street in Huntington.
And the legendary Besito guacamole? The other Mexican and South-western restaurants in town have better but they serve it without the floor show, my local supermarket sells a superior version, hell even I make it better.

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