The Cool House: Running out of places to eat

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Running out of places to eat

Huntington, NY is well known as "restaurant city" in these parts, but lately a spate of closings has put that title in jeopardy. It includes some of our favourite places. Lila's Santa Fe, Indigo and the wine bar/art gallery Asta all shut their doors recently and although the website says look for the grand re-opening, Wild Fin remains shuttered.
Those who know Huntington will point out that with 45 other restaurants of all cuisines and price points, surely we can find sustenance somewhere? Well, the problem for us is Friday night cocktails - a little tradition we started when we bought this house and needed a stiff drink (or two) to get us through the early weeks of cleaning, carpet removal, wallpaper stripping and unexpected bills. Over the years we came to rely on four or five restaurants and these all had fun, cool bars, sometimes with live music and with the promise of really good food to soak up the liquor only a few feet away.
What are we to do? At least we still have our very favouritest restaurant, red restaurant and bar to fall back on, but we can't go there every time we want to eat out. And drinking at home isn't nearly as much fun as being out in a crowd. I guess we'll have to try some other places and who knows, maybe we'll find more firm favourites, but damn, change is hard.

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