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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Lazy Sunday

This will be a very lazy Sunday. We drove into the City (that's Manhattan to the non-New Yorkers; there's only one City!) last night, parked near Union Square and walked to the Village to eat Fish and Chips. We thought we'd wander back, get a drink in the bar of the theatre and most importantly, use the restrooms. Ha. The line for ticket Pick-up (Will Call) was around the block and they didn't open the doors until 20 minutes before the show started. That was possibly the longest wait of my life. It was freezing out and when you need to pee? Agony.
We survived, though, and Eddie Izzard was hysterically funny, ranting about religion, the Queen, slavery and badgers, although disappointingly he wasn't wearing a dress, or full make-up. The rest of the run is sold out so you'll have to make do with the YouTube videos.
We didn't get home until 2 AM and we've learnt that even two six-block walks don't mitigate the effects of haddock and chips and a glass of Merlot, so we are a wee bit fragile this morning.
I'm over at 2modern Design Talk today. Go check out the Jamie Geller Dutra designs. Enjoy.

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