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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I Heart Upstate

Warning: Mutual Adoration Link coming up!

There are some sites I check every morning (right after I check my stat counter; ok so I'm defined by numbers, judge me if you must) then I do the news: NY Times, BBC, Google and politics: Huffington Post, The Guardian online; then comes the fun stuff: other house blogs. Every morning I start with I love upstate because it makes me laugh, usually in a snorting way so I've learnt not to drink coffee while reading it because the whole nose/hot liquid thing is so gross.

So there I was this morning checking to see what fabulous lamp or fabric or new book had caught I love upstate's attention when I saw my banner on her post. She has a bunch of links to share with her devoted readership and one of them was

"Beach House. Frankly, when I can't take the clutter over here anymore...I head on over to my Beach House. OK, it's not MY Beach House, it's theirs...but still...I girl can daydream."

Some may call this place uncluttered, others austere, and some would say a totally anal type A personality control freak with a miserly streak is in charge of decorating, so I'm flattered she went with the first and I'll extend an invitation: Come over any time, you're always welcome to our uncomplicated piece of paradise on the Long Island shore.

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