The Cool House: Cheaper Than Therapy

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Cheaper Than Therapy

The accident seems to have affected the part of my brain that exercises restraint when entering stores. Or the part that prevents me from going to retail outlets in the first place. Whatever. The great outlet institution Loehmann's is closing its Huntington location and there are bargains to be had.

All leather Lulu Guinness shoes in my size, rust silk evening bag and a jangly, dangly gold bracelet

The same shoes with a fuchsia silk scarf

Bright red Italian leather satchel with a Missoni print cotton scarf I tied on it. I got two other Missoni print scarfs in pink and blue which I will tie around my neck in a jaunty manner and unleash my inner French gamine chic.
A few other things made it home with me including two absolutely fabulous Lacroix, daahling ties for The Guy. By the end I had managed to save (according to the receipt) an indecent amount of money off department store prices while spending almost nothing. Or at least less than one session of therapy. And I got Loehmann's Insider Points coupons to boot. I don't feel in the least bit guilty. I'm here to spend it after all.


Jean Martha said...

That's what I'm talkin' about!

Great scores!

Anonymous said...

Oh, nothing better than a shared happy shopping story shared on a Moday morning. What fantastic finds! Thank you for sharing.. and as you say it so well.. that you just can't feel guilty about bargains this grand.
There is a reason why Loehmann's has been named as one of Best Places to shop for Bargins according to Gothamist