The Cool House: Top Chef at Wholefoods

Friday, June 20, 2008

Top Chef at Wholefoods

I'm thinking that our local Wholefoods in Jericho, NY is going to be impossible to get near on Saturday June 21 when the Top Chef Tour Bus rolls into the parking lot. This will be the first stop in a 20 city tour where contestants from the popular reality show will give three hour-long cooking demonstrations in the state of the art kitchen on the 48' bus. I'd imagine that the 30 tickets on sale to watch this went in the first fie seconds of being offered but another 300 will be able to watch from outside the bus. Plus there will be the opportunity to buy Top Chef merchandise.Details are still sketchy, both and wholefoods have "check back later" on their website events calenders and a caveat: "Tour schedule subject to change".

Although you are supposed to be able to click on the city and sign up, that feature has been disabled and there are red lines through the first three stops. Does this mean it's been canceled? Should I go shopping on Saturday morning at Wholefoods as usual? Who knows.
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Anonymous said...

Top Chef At Wholefoods is a great idea. Having lived in Austin I certainly appreciate Whole Foods and I look forward to the Top Chef being in Colorado Springs where I now live. May the wind be to your back on your way to Colorado Springs, soon.

Anonymous said...

I don't know what is going on with Bravo's website. My wife is a fan of the show and kindly agreed that I would take her to the Columbus show if we could get tickets.

She said she couldn't get the side to work (the links of the cities you are supposed to be able to click on). I thought it was the browser we use so I tried IE and was still disappointed.

If the tour is cancelled already..well, that was the shortest, saddest tour ever!

Hopefully tomorrow both you and I will see if this is still legit.