The Cool House: Does art make you uncomfortable?

Friday, July 25, 2008

Does art make you uncomfortable?

Linda Merrill over at ::Surroundings:: has a really informative post up about the relationship between art and interior design. There's a whole list of things I've never considered before - like issues of sensitivity to nudes in the house. My thought on this is: Firstly, it is art and second it's just a naked body, thirdly it's in my house. I don't understand the problem here. But it has come to my attention that there are others who do not share my liberal attitude.

Should you drop in at The Cool House I must warn the sensitive amongst you that you will find images of the unclothed form in almost every room. You might want to close your eyes and the easily shocked should leave this post now.

Mikio Wantanabe mezzotint
Some are representational

Bradford multimedia

Some more abstract

Many are faceless torsos.

Still, there were some good tips in Linda's post I can subscribe to, such as only buying what you love and saving for that piece you really want. Unfortunately that means a lot of empty wall space in our home and a couple of real regrets when a picture or sculpture was sold to a buyer with actual hard cash rather than a dream.


Jen said...

No, It doesn't. I have often wondered why for some it does? Good link, and nice art. Love the blue lady.

Linda Merrill said...

Thanks for the link and the comments. I think that as with many things, it's the location and subject of a nude that might be at issue. The example they gave at the lecture was the clients who have young children, who bring their friends and parents into the house. So, while the owners may have no problem with nudes in art, and they teach their own children to appreciate the art form, their friends families may not have that appreciation and may be uncomfortable. I worked on a house where they had a very sensual nude painting of a reclining woman in the master bedroom. The family had three boys and I have to admit that I wondered if that painting was at all "interesting" to the boys or their friends. (in other words, how often did they sneak in for some art appreciation?)

- love your collection!

Charlie said...

It's all very subjective isn't it? Many of us would never even comment, because we look pass that and simply see the subject matter. Other's cannot get passed the nudity. I find it surprising. BTW, I love your artI really love the photograph, it is stunning!

modernemama said...

thanks for your comments, I love the blue lady because she is Modigliani-esqe. If I were a zillionaire I'd have a Modigliani nu - the colors and shapes are wonderful.
Linda, I have visions of parents taking their kids to museums and constantly having to put their hands over the kids' eyes!
Charlie - that's an etching not a photo! Mikio Watanabe does these incredibly detailed mezzotints of nudes and wildlife (flowers, butterflies) and everyone thinks they are photos.

Geezees Custom Canvas Art said...

love the and my hubby have a great BW shot (artistically shot )of our tushes in the hallway leading to the bathroom, and it is fun to watch people walk past it for the first