The Cool House: Coincidences: The Serge Gainsbourg Edition

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Coincidences: The Serge Gainsbourg Edition

I've been hearing this song* everywhere recently. There are many, many versions out there. Perhaps you prefer it sung in a different format?
Would you prefer the synthesized 80s version from Belgian Jo Lemaire?
You want it more pop, but this time with an English accent?
Or perhaps sung in English?
Or this super, sad acoustic version played almost correctly on an out of tune guitar?
Love them all, but it's Monsieur Gainsbourg who still wins it for me by a landslide, despite the alcohol-induced dishevelment, even after all these years. Not perhaps the best role model but he sure could knock out a decent song.
*Je suis venu de dire que je m'en vais/I just came to tell you I'm going

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