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Monday, August 25, 2008

Universally Good- science, brunch, design, musical theater and a bonus

We had to fit in a fair amount yesterday and still be home by mid-afternoon so we were lucky to score 2 hours parking on a meter right outside the Whitney Museum to see Buckminster Fuller: Starting with the Universe. I have been planning to visit the exhibition since it opened and it was everything I anticipated: fascinating videos of Fuller demonstrating his genius, models of geodesic structures, an actual Dymaxion car and his no-impact, super efficient, fire, earthquake and trauma resistant Dymaxion House. I also learnt that he truly was a rounded individual. In between formulating his theories about the homogenity of the universe and the challenges facing humankind and designing his many inventions he still found time to perform in a play with Willem and Elaine de Kooning.
After delicious mimosas and the best Salmon Eggs Benedict at Sarabeth's, the Whitney cafe, we hit the road homewards making a stop at the Roslyn DWR Studio to pick up the copy of How to See: A Guide to Reading Our Man-Made Environment by George Nelson that The Guy had won back in March and to meet Heffner, the most adorable 11 week old Shipoo Shizoodle Shih Tzu-Miniature Poodle cross, I've ever seen.
Back at The Cool House, while The Guy caught up with work-related work I threw myself on the sofa and watched the fabulous Camp on IFC. So much talent, so much fun and a soundtrack that includes M People and Oasis. Alright!
All in all a pretty perfect Sunday, and a zillion times better than the day before. And to round it off I came across this:

For all of you with time on your hands, access to a hot glue gun and a few waffle ice cream cones, may I suggest the following activity: Make a bio-degradable (though unfortunately non-edible), buckyball. The perfect summer project.

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Jean Martha said...

hahahha did you see my post about Camp last month? Hysterical!