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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A baby, yarn and rocking tunes

I've seen some odd things at events in my time. I've seen the aunties playing cards at Hindu weddings; after all they go on for days, so it's as well to be occupied at the quieter moments. And I've lived in New York long enough to realise that people here don't understand there is a direct correlation between the amount of beer they drink and the number of times they will need to go to the bathroom during a two hour concert. I once stood next to someone at a David Bowie concert who talked non-stop to his neighbor throughout the entire set while taking sips from the two pints he was holding - one in each hand- the only time I could enjoy Bowie was when he staggered off for a refill or an outlet.
So I've gotten used to being one of the few that actually likes to listen to the music or watch the action but last night was a first for me. Seated next to The Guy was a woman, who while we waited for the concert to begin, brought out a black skein of wool and proceeded to knit. I thought that was just to pass the time before things got going but no, she knitted throughout the evening. How is that possible? Has anyone else seen this? Does anyone do it? Tell me, I won't judge, I just need to understand. Of course in my hands knitting needles would be a lethal weapon, or at least an accident waiting to happen. And tell me, how do you applaud when you are holding 8" needles?
Anyway, the music was fabulous, all oldies except one great new song that will be on the new album, Who was Changed and Who was Dead. That was the reason we were there, to provide the audience for the bonus live dvd that will be part of the package. There were a bunch of special guests, including Wes' brand new baby (who only whimpered when the band left the stage) and, big surprise, the awesome Josh Ritter, who joined JWH for my favourite song, Our Lady of the Highways.

John Wesley Harding - music to knit by. Enjoy.

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