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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

In other news

First up: Just in time for the full-on effects of the recession, Tanger Outlets opens a new shopping opportunity a "Long Island five minutes" (25 minutes tops) from my house. It's to be called The Arches. Not these arches or these arches or even this arch. But arches as in Venetian arches. Maybe they were aiming for this look? Whatever. It will have a Neiman Marcus Last Call and Saks Off 5th Avenue and if Neiman and Saks are good enough for Sarah Palin then you betcha I'll go look at the outlet versions.

Secondly: This modernist beach house commissioned by this man went on the market last week. And then disappeared from the listings a couple of days later. Why? It's a mystery. But you can read about the man and the house here and here.

Saving the best 'till last: The first and probably only time I will agree with the new(ish) Mayor of London Boris Johnson*. He endorsed Barack Obama and had this to say about George Bush: Democracy and capitalism are the two great pillars of the American idea. To have rocked one of those pillars may be regarded as a misfortune. To have damaged the reputation of both, at home and abroad, is a pretty stunning achievement for an American president. The world truly is a-changin'.

*Londoners, when you elected this man I seriously doubted your collective sanity and the democratic system. I felt bad, I had deserted you and this is how you rewarded me.
I was wrong. I see now it was all leading up to this moment.


Jen said...

Wow a linky post...and I even found my way back to comment...
you always have interesting tid bits of info here. Thanks for sharing.

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