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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Music while you work

Here's a little bit of fun for those who can listen to music while they work. Songs You Used To Love is a song a day website, click on the song and guess who is singing. I failed miserably today, but maybe a loyal reader could tell me which band is playing on #175.
For the record Song #009 is one of my all time favourites.
via Very Short List


Anonymous said...

Tried, sorry cannot help on this one.

Anonymous said...

Found it.

Song: Bittersweet Symphony
By - The Verve

modernemama said...

Isn't it funny how songs about drugs get played at weddings and supermarkets? There She Goes by The La's is another great one.

Anonymous said...

Okay I'm a dork....

Song title of #175 Helena
Band is My Chemical Romance

Nothing like a little EMO to wake one up after a long day of work.


You knew I would hook you up.
This is fun tracking bands down by their lyrics.

modernemama said...

Michele - thank you!