The Cool House: Quick break @ The Breakers

Monday, March 09, 2009

Quick break @ The Breakers

We nipped off for a weekend break to celebrate The Guy's birthday and as we couldn't spend the entire time getting massages and pedicures we motored into Newport RI to see the Historic Homes.

We toured the Vanderbilt's summer "cottage", the 70 room 65,000 sq ft stone mansion called The Breakers.

As we stood in the 50' high, 50' wide and 50' deep Grand Hall, I turned to The Guy and whispered "When I say our house could fit in one space or another I'm usually joking. This time it's a literal truth". He looked around at the chandeliers, the gold leaf and marble and muttered "On the way back to the hotel we will be playing a lot of Billy Bragg".

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Anonymous said...

These mansion..., and they call them "summer cottages" at least back then. I love to just go to the gardens, I live very close by. I hope you had a great stay! And, thanks for pointing out that you only saw one of the lamps. It should be fine now.