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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Wonderful Cabaret

At the Cabinet of Wonders last night, an ensemble of writers, actors, musicians or writer/actor/musicians/magicians orchestrated by Wes Stace, aka John Wesley Harding, entertained us with a variety show that was more than the sum of its parts.
The audience wasn't confined to fans of JWH's music; I sat next to the delightful Dave King, author of The Ha-Ha, who knew JWH as writer Wesley Stace. The table was pretty much divided into the iphone obsessed who twittered (Note to self: don't try twittering and applauding simultaneously. Your gibberish will be uploaded to your eternal shame) and checked their email while waiting for the show to begin, and those who wondered how anyone could read the tiny text (the answer to that is badly as evidenced by the error laden messages I sent).
Cabinet cast included:
Graham Parker
Josh Ritter
Eugene Mirman
Daniel Wallace
Daniel Felsenfeld
Dan John Miller
Sam Lipsyte
Highlights for me: Josh Ritter's beautiful rendition of a Sussex Ghost Story and a rocking version of Your Mind's Playing Tricks On You with Graham Parker. The wonder of the show is not only the singular perspectives the participants bring but the ever changing line-up - the cast at the next performance will not be the same as last night - that makes for a unique experience each time.

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