The Cool House: Brussels

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


As I taxed the interwebs' collective brain with the last four posts and because today, July 21, is Belgian National Day (and therefore a holiday), I've assembled another montage of shots that require no effort at all from visitors to The Cool House. You don't even have to click the links - just gaze at the photos of Brussels as I take you on a quick tour and hopefully you will see what I love about this city:

Catching glimpses of the past...

This view - and a million others like it. The Spanish roofs, the Gothic spires, the statues, the touches of gold,

The juxtaposition of old and new: Porte de Hal, the C14th fortified gate, with the 1976 Henri Montois Blue Tower in the background.

Its heritage: Fine Arts Museum, Brussels

Its architecture: Art Nouveau: The Musical Instruments Museum in the former Old England department store

and Art Deco: The National Institute for Radio Broadcasting Building at Place Flagey

The unique and controversial renovation of Brussels, le fa├žadisme: Preserving the facades while removing almost everything else.

Its street art and the Strip Center (comic strips, not strippers)

The heart of Europe: Bruxelles-Luxembourg Station in the Quartier Leopold with the European Parliament building behind.

And not forgetting the parks, the cafes and the nightlife.


Newburgh Restoration said...

Very interesting about le fa├žadisme. I had never heard about it before. I'm searching that now.

modernemama said...

It was popular in Brussels in the 90s, and in parts of Paris and Montreal. Maybe it's a francophone thing?

Very0me said...

You should see place Leopold now! Its finished and looks great at night!