The Cool House: Find the connection: Clue

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Find the connection: Clue

Re: the connection between the object (identified correctly as a boat or dock cleat) and the pool, plus the purpose of a 3" cleat on a boat. Does this help solve the puzzle?

What should have taken less time to fix than the internets are taking to identify a connection is turning (as things tend to do when tackled by yours truly and The Guy) into a marathon search for the correct doodad. Currently trying to locate the right size of screws. And no, none of the 14,325 screws we have in jars at the Cool House fits. Quelle surprise!


Unknown said...

Have you talked to a hardware store personnel about the screw? They can usually tell you what size you need.


modernemama said...

Three of them before we hit the jackpot! The local store sent us to the oldest place that still sells loose screws i.e. not in packets!