The Cool House: The Blogina Posse

Sunday, August 09, 2009

The Blogina Posse

They came on a humid August day to The Cool House. From the North, the West and the South-East; the Blogina Posse*

Bearing gifts of sweet and delectable desserts and wine.

To celebrate their creativity and love of their art (or craft);

their passion for houses and furniture finds; families, friends and pets... and food.

To tell stories of their real lives, true loves and the common thread of sharing with thousands of complete strangers their unique perspective on the world; the challenges of finding balance and focus in a universe of whirling social networks.

They chatted and discovered common acquaintances, new avenues to explore and displayed a surprising knowledge of 80s porn stars

and before one more Long Island thunderstorm could spoil the day, they left - only the leftover cheese, crack and cake (and one extremely exhausted puppy dog) remained as witness to the memory of lunch with the Blogina Posse.

*The Blogina Posse - Today's members, in order of arrival:
pve design
The Kitchen Designer
Bouler Design Group
Renovation Therapy
faboolosity (who named the group)


JP's Books said...

How kind of you to host and open your home. What a lovely bunch of ladies and the luncheon was delightful!

pve design said...

oops, my son failed to log was me (pve) not (JP)
Thanks again for a lovely lunch!

Nadine @ BDG said...

Your hospitality is only outdone by your entry! Thank you for both. Interesting people, interesting conversation.

Jean Martha said...

Jane - You are a wonderful hostess. Same time next week? ;)

susan said...

That's what I heard too...I can make it next week, no problem.

It was a great, totally relaxing yet stimulating afternoon. Thanks so much for all of your efforts. I enjoyed meeting the rest of the posse!

modernemama said...

You are all welcome anytime - the door is always open. If we're not there, let yourselves in and make yourselves at home...

Jen said...

Jealous, very, very, jealous. However glad you had a wonderful time.
I have a stockpile of marriott points and skymiles waiting to be used so next time, I am in.

Magpie said...

Sorry I missed that!

Marilyn said...

How lovely! What a delicious afternoon, Jane - next time I'll try to join you. Smoochable pooch, too.

priscilla said...

Hi Jane, can you contact me? I would like to send you something. Thanks

Kwana said...

I came by way of PVE. Sounds like a fun afternoon. Love your blog.

modernemama said...

I'm sorry not everyone could make yesterday's Posse. We need a Posse Procession - there will be a next time, I'm sure.
Thanks for dropping by to read all about it and Priscilla, you can email me at