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Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Cleveland Foodie*

I had heard Cleveland was the new destination foodie town but I was unprepared for how fabulous the food would be:

Artisinal charcuterie was everywhere, French-influenced here at Lola and, even better, an Italian-inspired version at The Flying Fig in Ohio City sourced from Iowa's famed La Quercia meats.

Not for the vegetarian, tender hangar steak with pickle sauce and chiles at Lola

A refreshing lemony and not overly sweet version of the famous French 75 cocktail @ The Flying Fig. This was the most enjoyable drink I've had in a long time - so good I had to repeat the experience.

Fig ice cream @ The Flying Fig. Simply the best ice cream I've had, homemade, restaurant served or store -bought, anywhere in the US - maybe better than in Rome, too (heresy, I know but it's been a while since I gelato in Italy, I really need to go back to Cleveland and Rome to do a scientific taste comparison).

Other stand-outs I've mentioned before: the shellfish, sushi and pork were all excellent, as was a crab appetizer we had in out hotel where I also sampled a smooth Harvey Wallbanger with just the right amount of Galliano to render it totally lethal. Forty-eight hours in the city and not one below par dish, I can't say that about my local town, or even New York City.

Of course there's always one stuck in 80s dish: retro, mega, chocolate-covered strawberries with whipped "cream". Look at the squeezy-bottle sauce skills - plaid rules!

*Apologies for the blurry quality of these photos. iPhone really needs flash and a zoom.

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Anonymous said...

My home, Cleveland will always be "Home" to me.

We have some excellent places to dine at. If you come in let me know.