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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Public Places

There were a few hours on our Seattle trip when we were bug free and we made the 3 minute journey from our hotel room, down the elevator, across the lobby, over the street to the place I've had on my must-visit list since 2004: Seattle Public Library.

Apart from the cool Rem Koolhaas architecture, there's the fastest, smartest book location system, a "living room", banks of computers, dedicated teen section, a writer's room. I could go on for ever... I could have stayed forever

The children's section that has the best language resources I've ever seen

and great art, too: Mandy Greer's "Babe"

The Guy and I did a self-guided tour (there's even a podcast) but there are guided tours available that last about an hour, too.

We split up eventually and met later outside the meting room. I recognised The Guy because he was the only non-rouge item on that floor.

The library people are so friendly - they really seem proud of their library and want to show it off - even security was happy. If I worked here, I'd be pretty damn buoyant as well.

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