The Cool House: Update: Mail Swap

Thursday, March 03, 2011

Update: Mail Swap

Well, either someone close is reading this blog or I've just experienced was weirdest coincidence ever. The missing New york magazine turned up only hours after I posted this and about the same time NYmag apologised for its loss & extended my subscription to compensate. A fortnight late means it's more than a little out of date, in fact the latest issue should have been here on Monday but hey... progress?


house things said...

Does make you wonder who is reading.

I like that mailbox. Was it original to the house?

modernemama said...

Oh no, the original was sited in the part of the yard that flooded so we couldn't get mail when it rained :-) This one is from Housearts

Nadine @ BDG said...

Waiting to hear about Monday's mail. What are the betting odds on NY Mag arrival?

modernemama said...

Guess what? This week's issue didn't arrive either. Luckily my subscription allows me to read it on the iPad