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Wednesday, June 08, 2011

BXL en tout sens

Maybe it was the weather, blue skies and warm temperatures, so different from what I expected or remember from the years I lived in Belgium where it is supposed to rain 220 days out of 365. Maybe it was seeing the renovated hotel that we always use as our base had upholstered the bedroom chair in the same fabric I used for the blinds in my office.

Perhaps it was the food: Carpaccio d'ananas with coco caviar at Parnasse; Soupe de Poissons with Rouille at Tot Bon; a delicious trio of Brussels' specialities at Skievelat that included a single meatball in an exquisite Gueuze sauce,

the artisinal beer making & tasting at Castillon Brewery

or chocolate sampling at Zaabar.

Maybe it was the generally friendly and polite people, including those who directed us to the apple store -not the greengrocers, the one that sells not apples or macs but les Macintoshes-which, should you need an accessory for your ipad is called Cami, located at Ma Campagne.

Or simply hanging out with old friends in the city, at restaurants, cafes and making new friends at the Jazz Marathon, talking and laughing in a bar while Barcelona slaughtered Man Utd 3-1 in the Champions League.

Whatever the reason Brussels felt once again like home.

And when we toured this light and airy penthouse apartment I wanted to kick the present tenants out and move right in.

The cat, of course, would stay.

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