The Cool House: Soupy

Thursday, June 09, 2011


This weather would be fabulous if I was lying on the beach, in a bikini, under an umbrella with a a constant supply of fruity cocktails. I'm not. I'm just hot and grumpy.
In year's past, on days like this I'd walk the dogs to the beach and go straight to the pool, shedding clothes and dog leashes on the way. If the neighbors were lucky I'd have remembered to wear a swimsuit under my clothes. If I were truly prepared I'd have laid out a towel before I set out.
This year, what with one thing and another we would be away more than we were home until the actual start of summer so we decided not to open the pool until mid-June. Every other year this wouldn't have mattered, it's generally not really warm here in late spring. But sod's law makes idiots of us once again. Temperatures in the 90s since end May and the stickies to boot. Typical tch! moment.

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