The Cool House: Palm Springs Modernism Week 2012

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Palm Springs Modernism Week 2012

Loewy House

We spent a good period of our days in the desert peeking at other people's modernist homes and took advantage of the mid-century house tours organised by Palm Springs Modernism Week, including the Frank Sinatra Twin Palms house, the PreFab Showcase, the Raymiond Loewy House and El Rancho Vista Estates.

The Elrod House blew us away. It's such a fun house, built in 1968 by John Lautner, it is one commanding central living space and a master suite nestled into the rock with breathtaking views of the mountains and the valley below. A guest suite addition was built a couple of years later. Of all the houses we've toured over the years it's the one that most reminds us of our house, it has the same open yet embracing feeling, the same party house atmosphere.
You know what else you can do in Palm Springs?

Visit Palm Springs Art Museum

Shop for mid-century furniture and accessories

Soak up some desert sun

Drink really weird martinis and have lunch in a date garden

and if like us you fly into LAX, you can visit the beach at Santa Monica on the way home-30 minutes from the airport

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