The Cool House: Hallowe'en

Monday, November 01, 2004


It's the first day of November and warm and sunny here. We bought tons of candy expecting that all the kids in the neighbourhood would be out trick or treating but the only callers were five 10 year old boys wearing their soccer kit as costumes, who informed us they were the only kids in the area. As they had pillowcases to carry home their swag I think they had just intimidated all the smaller kids to stay off their pitch but who knows? Even though they grabbed whole fistfuls of candy we still have tons left, Butterfinger anyone?
Despite the whinging and worrying we did not run out of wood and were able to finish the balcony last week. We even got molding around Steven's closet but unfortunately we were unable to open the closet doors with the molding in place. Pete came out to fix it, promising to kill his colleague, John, but he ended up having to remove it. He says he will be back soon to sort it out. I have my doubts. He still has to finish the stairs before we can declare the floors finished.
On Monday last week the Village finally gave us a 6" berm around the property, which so far is holding the water on the road. It hasn't really rained here since the berm went in so it hasn't been properly tested yet but they are forecasting rain for this week so we shall see. It does look much neater though.
We have been busy cleaning up the property and we bought a PowerWasher so we could spend three days removing the moss and dirt off the patios, paths and stones around the pool. It's very satisfying seeing the real colour of the stone come through but you get absolutely soaking and completely filthy in the process. We also went to the Bowery to get some lights to go in the foyer and on the stairs, I think they are exactly what we want and will give us more light in those areas but as Steven has no time to put them up until he comes back from Brazil next Saturday I am only guessing.

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