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Friday, December 11, 2009

Tonight: A Taste of Summer to Beat the Winter Chill

Hey! Who's that man and what is he and his friend doing at The Cool House? That's Richie Saccente of Young Rebel Goombas, with fellow Goomba Cosmo Mallardi, drinking coffee at our old kitchen table and getting ready to go out in the pre-remodeled master bedroom. Also starring in this video: the huge pink sectional!
A few things have changed at The Cool House since this was filmed but the music stays the same - tropical rock, filmed in the heat of a Long Island summer, to cheer up this freezing December day.
Download the free mp3 here and pass it on to your friends. Enjoy!

Saturday, September 05, 2009

Last Night

A cocktail followed by:

the setting sun over the bay

an inside joke

sparklers after dark

music and dancing at a local bar - expanding the evening and the summer fun...

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Keeping it old school in a digital world

Young Rebel Goombas (l to r) Richie Saccente, Cosmo Mallardi, Uncle B Johnson and Richie Cannata keeping it real at a special event @ CW Post, Long Island University.

The live sound is being videotaped by Jake Gorst for their youtube channel. Awesome jamming - that's one way music is made in 2009.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

::Musical Update::

The Goombas Special Show at Long Island University's C.W. Post Campus on Thursday September 3rd (1:00 - 2:30 pm) just keeps getting bigger: Richie Saccente, Cosmo Mallardi and Richie Cannata will now be joined by Uncle B Johnson. They'll be performing songs old and new as well as explaining the process of making an indie record. Here's a musical taste:

Get your tickets now! To register download this form. Registrations can also be taken over the phone using a credit card. Phone number is 516-299-2580.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Events on Long Island: Making Music*

Music. You hear it, you play it, hum it and sing along to it but have you ever asked yourself: How does it happen? How does a tune get paired with lyrics and made into a song that becomes a hit?

On Thursday September 3rd at 1:00 PM Young Rebel Goombas (and friends of The Cool House) Richie Saccente and S. Cosmo Mallardi will be explaining just how it's done

Joining them for the event will be legendary sax player Richie Cannata

They'll be demonstrating the art with a few rocking tunes from their album Young Rebel Goombas

Emmy award winning documentary film-maker Jake Gorst will be there, too - so there just might be some filming going on.

There's a bit of a bonus attending the lecture - it's held at Hutton House, formerly Lorber Hall, a fully restored Gold Coast mansion. Architecture and music all in the course of one lunch-time lecture, what could be more fun?

*The skinny:
The Art of Musical Composition and Production
When: Thursday September 3rd 1:00 - 2:30 pm
Venue: Hutton House, C.W.Post Long Island University in Brookville, New York.Entry fee: $15.00Early registration is highly recommended. The registration form can be downloaded here.

See you there!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Daydreaming on the LI Shore

It's a warm Saturday in Spring on Long Island. What could be better than the Young Rebel Goombas recording Daydream Smile in the studio and outside the gentle waves lapping the Long Island Sound? Maybe the Goombas live tonite at Off Key Tikki? Enjoy!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Shout outs

We caught the Young Rebel Goombas - or a portion of them anyway - at Black and Blue on Boxing Day the day after Xmas. And we got a shout out for letting them use our house as a location for their video. Their yet-to-be-finished video. (No pressure, Jake!) I also got complemented by a random person in the ladies room on the bright red silk shirt I was wearing. That, despite the stain on the flounce (oops, must learn not to drop sauce down me) and the sleeve (thanks to our server Caitlin who dropped the apple garnish on me). And thank you Caitlin for mentioning in a voice loud enough that the entire restaurant could hear, that we were such a cute couple. Apparently we were holding hands while simultaneously attempting to set up our iPhones (mutual xmas presents) in a zone with cell service. I know. We failed at so many levels of etiquette. But it's the holiday season, and there were cocktails involved so we feel no guilt.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

YRG and Emmy Award Winners in the House

The highlight of vacation week was definitely Friday when The Cool House provided the backdrop for a music video shoot. Emmy® Award Winners Richie Saccente, Cosmo Mallardi and Jake Gorst were all here filming part of a video for Young Rebel Goombas, a Tropical band that operates like a huge family. Vocalists Richie and Cosmo were joined by Richie's daughter and trainee sound engineer, Chelsea and Vinny, who proved invaluable as an expert cat wrangler. The Guy and I were listening and trying to stay out of the way while secretly being star-struck. Of course if they'd actually brought the Emmy, any Emmy, with them, we'd have been in the shot like an, umm, shot.
In lieu of that I got these stills:

This was parked on my driveway most of the afternoon. How cool is that?

Chelsea and Richie seated, Cosmo standing. YRG method acting.

Jake Gorst directs: More coffee and this time with feeling, please. Vinny looks on, ready to pluck stray cats out of shot.

Jake Gorst shooting. Got it!
The Young Rebel Goombas' eponymous debut album is available here and here. Rock on Cool House!