The Cool House: YRG and Emmy Award Winners in the House

Sunday, August 10, 2008

YRG and Emmy Award Winners in the House

The highlight of vacation week was definitely Friday when The Cool House provided the backdrop for a music video shoot. Emmy® Award Winners Richie Saccente, Cosmo Mallardi and Jake Gorst were all here filming part of a video for Young Rebel Goombas, a Tropical band that operates like a huge family. Vocalists Richie and Cosmo were joined by Richie's daughter and trainee sound engineer, Chelsea and Vinny, who proved invaluable as an expert cat wrangler. The Guy and I were listening and trying to stay out of the way while secretly being star-struck. Of course if they'd actually brought the Emmy, any Emmy, with them, we'd have been in the shot like an, umm, shot.
In lieu of that I got these stills:

This was parked on my driveway most of the afternoon. How cool is that?

Chelsea and Richie seated, Cosmo standing. YRG method acting.

Jake Gorst directs: More coffee and this time with feeling, please. Vinny looks on, ready to pluck stray cats out of shot.

Jake Gorst shooting. Got it!
The Young Rebel Goombas' eponymous debut album is available here and here. Rock on Cool House!

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Jake Gorst said...

Thanks again Jane! That was fun!