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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Orange and Blue

I don't know whether it's the time of year or the design zeitgeist but I'm pretty obsessed with this Termez Crewel Oscar de la Renta fabric for Lee Jofa

Of course orange and blue is a color scheme I have used before. I chose it last year for the great room.

Now I see it everywhere: Fresh and smart in this kid's room by Erika Ward via Houzzz

and in this mouthwateringly delicious scallop on ice

Thursday, July 01, 2010

Inspiration in the Den

The new hardwood floor is in and will soon be sanded and sealed. The electric cables that came up through the platform a foot from the wall have been relocated to a less obtrusive position and although the room will need new paint soon it's a blank canvas I can't wait to colour. It will need a rug, something to soften all that wood, a credenza for the TV (we'll swap the big TV from the master for the smaller one that used to be in the media center) and a couple of sconces. I have plans to use pieces I have in the house for the first two but the sconces will require some real live shopping. It'll take some courage to start looking at lamps again - it's really hard to judge from a product image in a catalogue or web page how it will actually look in a furnished space. But I've made a start and found a few contenders:

jefdesigns Legna wall sconce via Design Public
. It comes in teak, walnut or zebrawood veneer - I like the walnut.

The Oggetti Dune Flushmount Wall Sconce via Lumens. Available in Black/Sand, Mocha/White and Sand.

Parker Half Round Sconce by Jonathan Adler via ylighting in Deep Patina Bronze. Aso available in Polished Nickel and Antique Brass.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Kitchen Inspiration

The inspiration for the kitchen is simply the original kitchen here. If it weren't for the chewed up cabinet interiors I would have just replaced the couple of pieces of cracked laminate, installed new Corian/Caeserstone/Cambria/Silestone counters and replaced the floor with something more eco-friendly than stick down vinyl tiles. As it is the shelves are warped and the hinges have been re-screwed to the cabinet sides so many times it looks like a moonscape inside the high cabinets. So it's time to let go and start afresh.

We were also struck during our tour of the Racquet Estates in Palm Springs by the pairing of inexpensive laminate cabinets (mostly ikea, which I love) and high-end appliances and countertops. The laminate in our kitchen has stood up well to 40+ years of kids, dogs and cooking and today's finishes are even better so this is the way we'll go. I'm also very taken by this kitchen I found while trolling the interwebs - from TurningHouseIntoHome - that has similar window configuration to ours.

After the four month long master bathroom renovation, I want the kitchen to go much more smoothly. This is feasible because there will be no wall tiles or wall board to remove - it's simply a matter of unscrewing the countertops and cabinets, stripping a layer of marine board off the floor, re-flooring, installing the new cabinets and counters and wheeling in the wall ovens, cooktop and island hood. Wheeee! It'll be that easy! I've set a schedule that will be take no more than two months beginning as soon as the replacement window goes in - you know, the one that has the mock travertine formica interior sill that's higher than the outside window frame...

Friday, February 05, 2010

Design Inspiration

It looks like those umbrella stand pendant lamps in the great room are working their magic again.

Today they inspired the Awesome Designer to pull this fabric, Delineate in Malt from the Couture Collection by Michael Berman for Kravet. Also available in Foam (light blue) and Oyster (creamy beige). Not sure where we'll use it but I think we have to find a place - it was meant to be...

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Black and White

Hanging the House paintings in the foyer has me re-thinking the whole gold on terracotta wallpaper vision. The black frames and stark white mattes are leading me in another direction. I wonder what tone on tone black or white would look like in the space...

This Graham and Brown Checkered pattern via Design Public echoes the geometric shapes in the house without competing for attention. Available in white or black. (I also want the Vitra George Nelson Sunflower clock so bad).

The black flock wallcovering from Romo Laurito in Ebony from the Grandis collection would certainly make a statement.

Gorgeous but maybe a little too like a snowflake? Marcel Wanders Stella wallpaper from Design Public available in white, black and a range of other colours.

Smudgy and edgy, Carlu Noir from Designers Guild also comes in Vanilla.

Or maybe a modern Anaglypta that we could paint would be the best way to go - we'd get texture while keeping control over colour. Graham & Brown paintable wallpaper in Curvy

Monday, November 09, 2009

Unique Animal

The Guy nixed half the bedroom inspiration. I had done all the prep work, all he had to do was tell me which of the three options he liked the most. I don't think he quite understood his role in the mission to redo the master bedroom/bath. Or maybe he decided "master" meant he was in charge of decorating decisions? I don't know, but he took one look at the George Nelson sconces and said "Huh? Yeah. NO"! A totally visceral reaction that was so loud he had the sales guy and two customers chuckling away. I was unamused. He then showed zero enthusiasm for any of the gorgeous walnut beds I'd been lusting after and eventually, after looking at and lying on a zillion beds in a few thousand stores (ok I exaggerate but it was a long day) he pointed at one across a room and said "That one".

"That one", the Hoffman at Room and Board, appeared to be everything he always said he hated about furniture - especially bedroom furniture. Firstly it was upholstered - he has allergies and we have a bunch of kitties that leave fur everywhere. Wooden and leather furniture you can wipe down with a cloth but fabric? All traces of dust or kitty have to be removed with a vacuum or roller-ball. Every. Single. Day. Then there's the style - it has buttons. The Guy hates trim of any kind and that includes buttons. I decided he was so hungry he must be hallucinating so I dragged him off to Mercer Kitchen for some lunch, where, I swear, he spent 90 minutes talking about the damn bed. I have to admit his reasoning was good - there was already a lot of wood in the room and sitting up to read in bed would be more comfortable.

We went back after lunch to see if his feeling for the bed was true love or a mere infatuation. The temptress had more tricks in store - we he could choose the upholstery, including the retro inspired fabric above and the legs and it fitted with the Grove night tables, a pick of mine that he likes. When he found a mattress that felt like his beloved Swissflex he was sold; apparently he has never felt like this before. Not even the salesman's remark that Long Island is a unique animal and we'd have to pay extra shipping to have it delivered to the Incorporated Village deterred him. He has to have this bed. Is this a mid-life crisis? Should I be worried?

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Friday, October 30, 2009

Primary Bedroom Inspiration

Because you can't have a primary bath remodel without a primary bedroom rehab, here are a few items I would absolutely love to use to redecorate the space: This colored version of the classic George Nelson Bubble lamp from Room and Board. I love the seafoam color, the mid-century modern design, the huge scale -36" diameter. Everything about it screams buy me... except we don't have a pendant fitting in the bedroom. While we are on the subject of lighting, and still shopping the George Nelson lighting section at Room and Board, I'd pick up a couple of these Cigar Sconces - one for each side of the bed. I'm planning to flip the room round again, well the bed at least. If I'm going for a new look I want to upgrade to a king-size so I'll need more wall space. It actually makes sense to do this so I can look at the newly cleared and planted side lawn. And we'll have the headboard on an interior wall and that's got to be warmer, right? The bed was narrowed down a few months ago to one of these walnut beauties. The question is still which one... maybe Grove, again from Room and Board.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Evergreen Inspiration

I have a plan in my head of how the final section of the yard should look but I'm having a hard time explaining it. So here (courtesy of the comprehensive Better Homes and Garden website) are some truly inspirational shots.

This is perhaps a little too close to how it used to look - except behind the-not so-lush junipers was 30 years of dumped debris and you couldn't walk down the path without getting scratched; I'm positive that is not the case here. Anyway, I love the boxwood edging under the rhododendron and the ground cover plants between the stones. If only money were no object...

This is probably the nearest to my ideal - a mix of evergreen and perennial, hard and soft textures, colour and structure

I love the autumn colors against the blues and greens of the conifers but I don't want to be raking any more leaves - and it kind of looks like the back yard at The Cool House right now

And finally... not evergreens but perennials. I couldn't resist this one full of perfect lush hostas. So far I've put in a whole lot of big, bi-coloured Frances Williams; I managed to score a few of the 6' wide Sum and Substance in my favourite shade of green - chartreuse; three cute, compact June hostas went in front of one hydrangea; another trio of medium-sized, speckled Revolution are under the black spruce and I bought as many Elegans as I could find. Now all I need them to do is spread out in well-formed clumps just like the photo...

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Inspiration comes in the oddest places

I'm thinking this landscape, snapped at JFK, may be the way I want the final section of the yard to look, with a few tweaks of course. Thoughts? Comments?

Thursday, May 14, 2009


It's still officially Spring so I'm going to forgo Nature's burst into bloom* and let myself be seduced again by green, or more precisely, chartreuse. A mix of yellow and green, chartreuse is bright and peppy almost like the new growth on the weeping juniper tree.


The difficulty is finding a shot that will truly reflect the color on the screen. In the yard these hostas are edged with a perfect chartreuse. On the mac? Not so much.

Chartreuse is elusive -  at first glance it's everywhere but through the camera lens the lime-tinged conifers outside the kitchen window are just pale green.

This shrub held promise but the yellow turns out to be insipid not inspirational; wishy-washy, or simply washed-out.


It's a colour that's hard to define exactly; the paint chips lean to more muddy yellow hues while the hex designation on the web is an equal mix of yellow and green that results in an acid tone. I was so obsessed with Chartreuse that when we painted the kitchen I tried many variations on the kitchen walls from Anjou Pear to Sweet Pear and every chartreuse inspired pea shade in between. Sadly none of them replicated the color that I find in my yard... or the one in my imagination.

Perhaps the problem is that chartreuse is such a saturated hue it needs a contrasting colour to set it off- a smoky blue or a stone grey,

a soft silver green or a bluey-purple?

Why the fascination with chartreuse, apart from the mellifluous sound of the word itself? Because, every so often I'm reminded that once in my sophisticated youth there was a fondness for liqueurs. I was a Benedictine girl but my drinking companion loved Chartreuse and asked for one in a country pub atop a lonely hillock in the wilds of Cumbria. She got what she deserved. The bartender laconically replied: We ain't got no green but we got som o' that yella. Our faux urbanity dissolved in a fit of giggles and henceforth "som o' that yella" was used to describe any delightful but possibly pretentious and overpriced item.

Not at all like the gorgeous chartreuse green of the new leaves on this azalea or the flecks of colour inside the white blossoms.

*(I fibbed because I couldn't leave you without one shot of the yard in bloom).

Friday, March 27, 2009

Solid Walnut Beds

I'm pretty clear now about how my master bath will look, at least in my head - I'm still sourcing all the products for a mood board. In the meantime I've moved on to researching a new bed for our room. The one we have at present, Leggero from DWR, was bought in 2003, a time when I craved a sexy low platform bed. Five years of house renovations have taken their toll on the back and the knees and getting up from the minimalist bed is accompanied by much groaning and creaking. I still want a model that has great modern design but I need it to be a few inches higher. I also think a solid walnut bed will compliment the windows better and provide a contrast with the bamboo floors. Here are my favorites so far:

0011 Bed in Black Walnut by Atlantico. From Velocity. Available in four sizes: Twin $2245.00 to King $3295.00.

Matera Bed from DWR. Available in Queen and King, with or without storage. Prices start at $2500.

Anders Bed from Room and Board. Solid walnut Queen $1,399.00, King and Cal King $1,599.00.

Again from Room and Board, the Hudson Bed in Solid Walnut has roomy storage drawers. $2699 for the Queen, $2899 the King and California King.

My final choice from Room and Board and perhaps my favourite, the Grove bed. Queen $1599, King and Cal King $1899.
Unfortunately the online stores aren't great at telling you how high from the floor the bed will be so picking one isn't as easy as I would like, but the Matera has a platform height of 15", which with a 10" mattress on top, should make standing up in the mornings a whole lot easier.

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Monday, February 02, 2009

Fantasy Shower

I'm having a very girly fantasy. My master bath will be full of swirls and swags, light and

etched shower doors by Antonio Lupi

one of a kind Lightshape lighted tiles from GranitiFiandre

chandelier-inspired tactile Feel tiles at Iris Ceramica

Never mind that it won't go with the rest of the house. Never mind that I wouldn't normally give this flowery style a passing glance. On a cold, dark day in the middle of winter I'm craving something rococo; pearls and ribbons, flowers and dancing slippers.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Silver Screen Inspiration

When I saw Down With Love, the 2003 movie starring Renee Zellweger and Ewan McGregor pretty much the only thing I liked were the sets. I loved the whole candy-colored retro vibe in her space and the staid, spare modernism of his wood paneled room. Now I can recreate the surreal 60s look thanks to Linda Merrill's new blog ::Silver Screen Surroundings::.
Promising 'movie set decor, set decorators, and how to "Get that Look"' Linda's new blog has links to lots of design resources, including this Campbell Laird Flit #3 Print from 2modern design that I've long coveted.

I'll be checking in often to see what other movies sets will be offered up as inspiration. Two of my favorites: Woody Allen's Interiors and Ang Lee's The Ice Storm

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Insporn: It inspires shameless longing.

Inspiration for master bath remodel, The sleek white look.

Inspiration for master bathroom shower. The sophisticated version. Via mtiwhirlpool

Tokyo hotel inspiration: everything just where you need it.