The Cool House: Fantasy Shower

Monday, February 02, 2009

Fantasy Shower

I'm having a very girly fantasy. My master bath will be full of swirls and swags, light and

etched shower doors by Antonio Lupi

one of a kind Lightshape lighted tiles from GranitiFiandre

chandelier-inspired tactile Feel tiles at Iris Ceramica

Never mind that it won't go with the rest of the house. Never mind that I wouldn't normally give this flowery style a passing glance. On a cold, dark day in the middle of winter I'm craving something rococo; pearls and ribbons, flowers and dancing slippers.


BlogMonkey said...

I am hiding this entry from my wife... ;-)

So glad to see you embracing the bathroom as a design-able space. Those cold, modern bathrooms that are all the rage right now leave me a little... nonplussed.

Make sure you have a small chiller in there for the Chablis!


modernemama said...

Oh, yes, I've already planned this medicine cabinet that has enough room for a couple of half bottles of bubbly