The Cool House: Shout outs

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Shout outs

We caught the Young Rebel Goombas - or a portion of them anyway - at Black and Blue on Boxing Day the day after Xmas. And we got a shout out for letting them use our house as a location for their video. Their yet-to-be-finished video. (No pressure, Jake!) I also got complemented by a random person in the ladies room on the bright red silk shirt I was wearing. That, despite the stain on the flounce (oops, must learn not to drop sauce down me) and the sleeve (thanks to our server Caitlin who dropped the apple garnish on me). And thank you Caitlin for mentioning in a voice loud enough that the entire restaurant could hear, that we were such a cute couple. Apparently we were holding hands while simultaneously attempting to set up our iPhones (mutual xmas presents) in a zone with cell service. I know. We failed at so many levels of etiquette. But it's the holiday season, and there were cocktails involved so we feel no guilt.

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