The Cool House: New windows are worth it

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

New windows are worth it

We just got the last oil delivery of the winter so I was able to do a definitive comparison between winter 2004-5 and winter 2005-6. Although this winter was much milder than last and we would have expected to use a lot less oil, March has been colder than normal. Our lovely oil guys, Dole Fuel, also do a projection of gallons you need based on the temperature and use last year. We used 312 gallons less than they predicted we would. We spent $153 less on oil this winter than last, and this despite an average price increase of 50 cents per gallon. I feel this is worth repeating: fuel prices increased and we still saved money.
Of course the windows were horrendously expensive and we would have to have savings of this level for the next twenty five years to pay for them, but we are much warmer than we were last year, and now I've got used to them I can see they are rather nice.


Anonymous said...

what was our winter like up here compared to normal though? i just moved upstate from texas and its COLD to me, but aren't we less than half our usual snowfall and one of the hottest januarys on record?

modernemama said...

That's why I was psyched to get the projections from the fuel guys: they really tell you what you should be using regarding the temp - if it's colder than normal the projection would be higher etc.
Also we had a really cold spell in Oct and the last couple of weeks have been freezing, our heating was off this time last year. But yes it was a mild winter, I didn't wear the thermal underwear once this year. I'm sure 2006-7 will make up for it.