The Cool House: Oh no, we made it worse

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Oh no, we made it worse

The master bath used to be quite cute. Not the same standard of workmanship as the rest of the house because it was remodeled in the 80s or early 90s but bright, white and clean. That was before we got our clumsy mitts on it.
First off, we needed to redo the caulk around the bath and shower. A visually challenged, fingerless eight year old could not have done a worse job. Then Steve "tidied up" his vanity, and opened the medicine cabinet door so hard he cracked the glass door. Then I tried to replace a bulb on the light fitting over the basin and cracked the fitting, which fell down, narrowly missing my head. It weighs 2 lbs and corresponds to the crack in this basin , so I'm sure this had happened before.
But the latest, and most disgusting? All that caulk around the shower pan has gone grey and moldy. Yuk. I asked Steve if he had a solution to the problem. His answer?


Anonymous said...

I feel you on the making stuff worse feeling.

A few tips on bathroom caulk
1) Don't get the cheap stuff
2) Push the caulk along the seam
3) use a wet spoon if using silicone caulking, finger if latex.
4) AND MOST IMPORTANT - if you want a perfectly straight edge - TAPE! Yep - use the blue masking tape on both edges - pulling the tape off before the caulk dries.

Jane said...
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modernemama said...

Thanks, we'll give it another shot and if that doesn't work we'll get out the sledgehammer.

Anonymous said...

buy a siliscon paste that is anti-mold made especially for the bathroom minutes and apply alomg the seam, wait 5 mins then use a wet finger to smooth down silicon which should leave a clean line, so no use for the tape.
ps. now fit ventilator in bathroom

modernemama said...

that is the crazy thing, we have a really good ventilator and no problems elsewhere. I'm going with the anti-bacterial mold paste and I'll make sure with let it dry 24 hours before we use it.