The Cool House: Big landscaping project

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Big landscaping project

front yard
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Extreme gardening this week. We had to move a huge maple that was sitting on top of the fir tree. This was a seedling from another maple in the back of the property that had grown 4' in the two years we have been in the house.
It was the lesser of two evils: we could move the japanese maple or chop it down but it was compromising the 100' conifer that the house was designed around, and we don't want to lose the big specimen tree, it's the focal point of the yard.

(that's a view of the fir towering over the chimney from the other side of the house).

It took all Saturday to dig out a pit 6' diameter and 3' deep to accomodate the rootball and all Sunday morning to dig out the maple. The soil is great though, all loamy from the leaves that have decomposed over the years. We've had the soaker hose on it since we moved it to its new home and we can only cross our fingers now.


Anonymous said...

ooooooooooh, ahhhhhhhhhh!

that is the kind of foliage we just dont get here in texas. i've learned to love our little cacti and shrubs and monkey grass over the years, but i sure do miss big tall trees and luscious yards!!

Anonymous said...

Great foliage. Glad you decided against chopping it down completely. A lot of people would pay a premium for a green surounding like that.