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Friday, July 07, 2006

It's here

The new Bosch dishwasher is installed, just finishing up its first load and it's soooo quiet. All this a day earlier than planned. Thanks Appliance World and Harvey the Installer who phoned at 11 am to ask if he could perhaps install the dishwasher today rather than Saturday morning. Could he? If it meant I didn't have to wash any more dishes he could.
I'm waiting for the beep noise to tell me its cycle is complete, I can't actually tell if it's on or not because it is sooooo quiet. I hope the dishes come out clean too.

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Anonymous said...

In the past two weeks I have accidentally opened the dishwasher twice, with water spilling everywhere, because my husband had turned it on and I had no idea it was running. It's seriously the quietest dishwasher ever! I love that thing.