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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Manners, please

I'm constantly amazed at the difference in what I consider to be good manners in the incorporated village and elsewhere. In our last country if there was to be any disruption to the daily routine e.g. closing the road to do repairs or someone having a grand piano delivered, then the police would be informed and three days before the event they would post warning notices so you had plenty of time to make arrangements to move your car or order earplugs. Whatever, it was considered "normal".
Here, not so much. Last evening going to fetch the mail we found stuck to the mailbox the following note signed by the neighbor: I have just had word that the road will be sealed tomorrow. All cars out by 8 am, should be dry by 3 pm. No sprinklers." Nice to know but this is a private cul-de-sac that we agreed to have asphalted last year. We certainly did not agree to have it top coated, and as there is no wear on it (at least on my end, who knows what damage the trucks and plant did up the other end over the past few weeks) I can't see the reason for it either. The other private roads haven't been sealcoated since we lived here.
I guess I'm just feeling a little out of control but there are actual reasons for my ire other than hurt feelings: firstly, the yard floods and two years ago the village built a 6" berm around the front of the property to keep the flood off our front lawn. With every inch of asphalt that defense is threatened.

cul-de-sac before

cul-de-sac before

Secondly the neighbor across the courtyard entrance from me and I had agreed last month to build a wall at the entrance to smarten it up. We had spoken to the landscaper and ordered the boulders. Now the existing stones are buried under another layer of tarmacadam. Thirdly, since the first layer was laid, the end of the cul-de-sac has formed a nice puddle every time it rains that takes days to clear. I can't wait to see what will happen now. Fourthly, it looks like freakin' suburbia. Yuk, yuk yukkity yuk.
Oh and one more thing on the good manners front. Two cars that couldn't get up the cul-de-sac because of the crime scene tape have parked on the berm. The one that is nicely planted with hostas and day lilies. If they are reading this, please let me know where you live and I'll come park on your front lawn. Yes, I am royally pissed off.

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