The Cool House: I said light not heat

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

I said light not heat

Today's big project.......

As the days are getting shorter I've noticed that the fourteen floodlights in the kitchen give out great light but some of them also emit a fair amount of heat too. In fact yesterday evening we were eating in the kitchen and I swear my head started to fry.
I tried to do something about this problem last year and bought half a dozen low-energy bulbs to put over the kitchen table but they "sang" and it was so irritating that I took them out again and used them outside instead.
This time I replaced one 90 watt indoor fluorescent with a GE Reveal 65 watt as an experiment. It certainly doesn't singe my hair but when it is unlit it's a lilac colour and stands out like the kid with the black eye in the annual school photo.
So, do I replace all the bulbs with the GE Reveal? At $8 plus tax that'll be pricey and will purple kitchen lights be weird? Or will they set off the blue and purple Impala chairs? Or should I just try something else?
Sometimes you have to sweat the trivial details too.

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