The Cool House: The demolition continues

Sunday, December 10, 2006

The demolition continues

I can't believe how easily the floor came up, or at least the first few square feet. I've taken off 3sq", so only another 27 to go! I barely have to tap it with the chisel and whole sections of tile spring into my hands, leaving the grout to be swept up later.

Demolition Medicine Cabinets
Earlier I took the medicine cabinets off the wall. I was really surprised to find how clean it was behind them, because you never know what you are dealing with when you start these projects. Once again I thank the original builders who worked clean and built solidly. I wish they were still around.
Actually taking out the cabinets did lead to a discovery. We decided to save them for the moment and store them in the boy's bedroom next to the bathroom. When I cleared a shelf in the closet I found a white yarmulke, size 7 1/4". Not riches, but a part of the heritage of the house.


Lindsay & Lilian said...

You are amazing! I wouldn't even attempt that sort of stuff. I hate even havng to decorate. Keep up the good work!!

modernemama said...

Why thank you. But really if I were amazing I'd also tile the bath and do the plumbing. I'm not neat enough to do the first and I'm scared to do the second. Demo is easy, clearing it up every day is the hard part.