The Cool House: Decisions

Tuesday, January 09, 2007


We have actually made some actual decisions. Firstly we ordered the tiles from Porcelanosa. The floor and accent wall tiles are the same ones we chose back in October but I decided that the rectified wall field tiles were too classic and so we chose a more contemporary 12"x12" tile that should also be easier to lay.

Then the champion procrastinators finally got down to business and read through the contractors' bids, then phoned them with follow-up questions. It was a no-brainer. The guy we have used before, who does the work himself, who has worked for our neighbors and who we trust to deliver what he was contracted to do was significantly cheaper than the other guy who arrived without a tape measure and sent me to a fictitious plumbing supply store to look at shower bases because "tiled bases always leak". When I asked this guy how he came to his "Basic 8'x 5' Bath" price he told me that because we had done all the demolition ourselves he used the price of a 8' x 7' bath. Now, normally doing the demolition would make the price cheaper (as it was with the contractor we chose) but it seemed here that it was costing us money. Anyway, I really only wanted the tiler who works for this guy, I don't need a GC who pops in every day or so to check on what his guys are doing, and I certainly don't need a flaky GC.
The Marvin window will take four weeks to arrive so no cement board can go in until that's here. In the meantime we will start the electrical update and the plumber will move the vent and pipes and replace the copper waste pipes with PVC. We need to order the rest of the fixtures this weekend and with room for delays we should be done by Steven's birthday in March.

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