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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Project Bathroom - we're underway

It feels like we have really started on the bathroom project now, the workers arrived at 8 am and we have a lot of progress already. The electrics have been re-wired to code (GFCI) and in future we shouldn't go bang when we plug in that hairdryer that has been lying in a puddle of water . The new fan/light/nightlight combination is up too, so the contractors will have light to work by. The walls and ceiling have been insulated and the backer board ceiling has been tacked up.
I spent most of the morning on the phone. I checked to see when I could expect delivery of the tiles, and it's a good thing I did. Although my copy of the order form says they had been ordered on January 5th, under one tile sku it says "get from NJ". This was obviously an aide-memoire for them rather than an order, as there was no record in the system. It's been taken care of now, and I should have the whole lot in a week or so. I was a little tigged because I need the wall tiles to take to the cabinet guy so I can choose a co-ordinating top, but Porcelanosa offered to send samples of the tiles by UPS and I should have those in a couple of days. Then I can order the countertop and I think that's it for fixtures.
The plumber called to tell me the toilet I chose is the one nobody has in stock so I can expect a 4-6 week delivery. That should put it right there with the arrival of the window. I asked him to get me a second toilet that we can put in the green bathroom because that thing has a mind of it's own and it's also seriously uncomfortable: low down and round. Apparently that is the best style for potty training little girls but it ain't good for grown-ups. I can see this turning into a "while we're about it" scenario. Once the green toilet is gone, the vanity is going to look old and nasty so we might as well replace it, and obviously you wouldn't put the old faucet back on a new vanity, would you? And we'll need to take the matching green laminate door off the full-length medicine chest.......
The sweetest part of the day? I asked the contractor if he wanted a cheque for part of his estimate now. I expected to pay him a third on agreement of the contract, a third when he starts and a third on completion. His reply? "I have enough to live on, let me get started first." I think we picked the right contractor.

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