The Cool House: Bye Bye Green Vanity

Friday, March 02, 2007

Bye Bye Green Vanity

bye bye green vanity
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I'm missing you already. You and your faux marble top (that weighed a ton) and matching Kohler avocado toilet, which, according to the plumber must have weighed 300lbs. They don't make them like that anymore.
a load of avocado garbage
Now we just have this little hole in the floor, and a scrap of that wallpaper insert on the vanity on the wall. It must have looked really, truly groovy in 1970.
vanity space


allison said...

You'll be glad you took those pictures in a few years, as you will never believe how wonderful that avocado looked. I love the seashell sink! Long live the 70s.

modernemama said...

The interesting thing (to me, anyway) is that while the suite was avocado, the tiles are definitely sage and that's a colour I've loved since my Laura Ashley days a long, long time ago.
Without the gross avocado, and touches of pink, they look soft and classic.

Anonymous said...

wow! look at that shell shaped sink! you know, i bet that acocado green is going to make a comeback... and won't we all be shaking our heads with disguist when it does. :)