The Cool House: Heavy Glass

Monday, March 19, 2007

Heavy Glass

That's what we have ordered for the boys' bath shower. I thought that all glass was "heavy" but it seems also to be the technical term for the glass used to make the frameless shower doors. We ended up going local and chose clear glass with polished chrome handles from The Shower Door in Huntington. They were the only people to demonstrate the special hinge that stops the door from swinging out too vigorously, which is very important in this household of really clumsy people. I was worried that someone might push the door too hard coming out of the shower and smash it on the wall. Now I can breathe easier.
Although it's ordered they can't take precise measurements until we have grouted and the grout has cured for 48 hours. So realistically it will be Monday at the earliest before the order is processed and then it will be "two weeks", which I take to mean four weeks to manufacture the doors. I was assured because ours is simple- just two pieces of glass, really - it should only be two weeks. But I was also told that the vanity would take 10 days to make and that was back in January, many, many "ten days" ago.

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