The Cool House: Bathroom prog... -oh, who am I kidding?

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Bathroom prog... -oh, who am I kidding?

It can't be said we are making progress, not even slow progress with the bathroom renovations. Although we are both using the boys' bath to shower in we can't hang a towel anywhere but the floor at the moment because the contractor is too busy to pop in and drill holes for the hardware. We did screw in the robe hook* in the girls' bath on Saturday so you have a choice of places to put your wet towel in that room but no-one wants to get it dirty before Verity has a chance to use it. And we're still waiting for the countertop for the vanity. The installers are going to pick up it up from the fabricators today but can't install it until we get back from vacation.
I'm freaking ever so slightly because I've heard that Silestone may have changed the composition of Ivory Coast making it more brown than green. I hope not because that was about the only thing Steven and I agreed on without discussion, disagreement or second guessing. And I ordered samples to be 100% positive of the color, so a change would be a major issue. We'll see on May 7th.

The glass mosaic tiles for the downstairs bath backsplash came in early (actually less than two weeks) and they look gorgeous against the beige hexagon ones so I'm hoping that they will go in without a problem. I'm also wondering whether I can tile over the exposed side of the terrazzo shower base to add an accent. The inside will be covered by a teak base insert from Teak Works 4u. I've placed the mesh against it and it looks doable and I'm pretty sure flexible thinset will stick glass tiles to anything. Can anyone think of a reason why not? You have until May 5th to come up with comments/suggestions/arguments.

*You may ask why we don't just screw in the hardware in the boys' bath ourselves and call it done. In the girls' bath we are screwing into sheertrock, if we make a boo-boo we patch and sand. In the boys' bath it's expensive porcelain tiles, if we screw up someone could get hurt, badly hurt.....

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