The Cool House: Finally, one working bathroom

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Finally, one working bathroom

It's taken months - more than six, in fact since we began the renovation of the boy's bath; it's been even longer since we stopped using this bath because of the leaks through the ceiling below, and in fact, I've probably only showered in there twice in all the time we've lived here because the decor scared me so much. But today I took my first shower in there in at least a year and I have to tell you that it was the best shower I have ever taken.
The previous best shower was at the Manchester Airport Marriott in February, a Hansgrohe with enough water pressure to knock you off your feet (and a Toto toilet, Duravit sinks and faucets, if my memory serves me, very modern) but the Grohe Freelander is fantastic. I emerged not simply clean but revitalised, and that's without trying out the "massage" spray. I cannot wait to get back in there tomorrow morning.
One thing I know I'll do differently in the master remodel, though, is to spring for the thermostatic shower valve. Fiddling around with the temperature while huge jets of icy water shoot at you can be a little strenuous first thing in the morning. Tomorrow, I'll put the shower on, then clean my teeth while it warms up. I know, wasting the earth's resources, but what's a girl to do?

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