The Cool House: Marcellin Dufour '83

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Marcellin Dufour '83

Marcellin Dufour '83
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Yesterday I got a call from the picture framers to say the painting I bought on ebay before Xmas was ready. It's oil on canvas so it had to be stretched, I chose a matte black wood for the frame and it came out beautifully. When I got it home I realised the background colour was very similar to the Benjamin Moore Titanium in the dining room, and it has deep red splotches, the same colour as the curtains. I'd originally bought it for my office but it seemed to want to hang in the dining room so that's where I nailed it. And for once I only had to make one hole in the wall.
It was meant to be.

Dining Room with Dufour Painting

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