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Friday, April 13, 2007


The Met Roof  GardenModernemama Moo card
Thirty-three months is an odd date to celebrate but that's how long we've been in this house and roughly how long I've been scribbling my name, address and phone number on scraps of paper. We didn't bother with change of address cards when we moved, we just emailed everyone the details but new acquaintances have been forced to try to decipher my increasingly incomprehensible handwriting.
I was on the point of going to the local Minute Man to order something generic when Flickr started offering Moo cards. These are the cutest little cards with coordinates and digits on the back and your selection of your favourite Flickr photos on the front. I had a lovely time choosing 30 photos to make into 100 calling cards and they were shipped to me (all the way from the UK by Royal Mail) yesterday. They are even more gorgeous than I imagined, great quality, tiny and totally personal.
Now I just have to find those "attractive strangers" Moo suggests I give my contact info to and hand them out.

statueModernemama Moo card

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