The Cool House: One last chore before vacation time

Friday, April 27, 2007

One last chore before vacation time

old floating vanity
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Time is going to be short when we get back from vacation so we decided at 7 pm last night to take out the floating vanity. It should have been easy because the water lines weren't corroded, but the P-trap was shut fast and we didn't have a 2" wrench. A quick trip to Home Depot and $10 later we had the p-trap undone. Unfortunately, the faux marble countertop was so heavy, and we didn't want to damage the tiles taking it off, that we couldn't shift it in one piece. A couple of bangs with Big Bessie the sledgehammer and the top was in three smaller pieces and on its way to the garbage.
We knocked off only three tiny triangular pieces of tiles and they came off intact so we can thinset them back on when we get back from our holiday.
Then we realised that our decent flat-bladed screwdriver was missing and the other ones were to big or to small to unscrew the vanity from the wall. Hey, ho, back to Home Depot we go.

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