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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

My Dyson sucks

and this is a good thing.
For the last month or so, it's been blowing more stuff out of its bottom than it's been sucking up. The only way to get anything vacuumed recently has been to go over lots of animal hair (not a difficult thing in this house) so that a nice dam formed inside the hose that stopped the dust, pollen and small debris from shooting right out again. One day I got so frustrated I checked under the machine and found a huge tear in the short hose which I repaired with duct tape. That lasted a little while but eventually I had to cave and order a new part. I just wished I'd noticed it last year when I had to order a long hose. C'est la vie.
Yesterday I received a new short hose and decided to clean the filters and brushes before I fitted it. I can truly say that the six months of bathroom and laundry construction was reflected in the gunge that I took out of it. I felt bad about the number of times we had used the Dyson instead of a shopvac to clean up after ourselves.
This morning I vacuumed all the carpets and removed acres of dog hair and other detritus and while housework is about my least favourite activity, it felt really good to have a clean house once again.

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Jean Martha said...

I love my Dyson. It's broken down a few time - and called their 800 #. They were able to talk me through the issue in just a few minutes and I didn't get outsourced to New Delhi. I was thrilled.