The Cool House: We're very proud of ourselves

Thursday, May 24, 2007

We're very proud of ourselves

It's been an entire year since we first looked into replacing our 30 year old dryer and 26 year old top-loader with energy saving models that actually get clothes clean. We know it's been that long because the local appliance store had its annual sale last night and it was at the last one that we nearly had a stand up fight in the kitchen department about the amount of space needed to accommodate a front loading washing machine.
This time we had had it with the old appliances. I was fed up standing ankle deep in water every time I wanted to load the dryer (a slight exaggeration, but only very slight) and Steven was mad that every t-shirt had to be washed at least twice to get stains out. The final straw was having to dry every load twice because the tumble dryer was acting up.
Now the procrastination is over, finally we have made a decision and stuck to it long enough to place the order and hand over the credit card. This is a major achievement for us and we were so pleased with ourselves we celebrated with cocktails at our favorite Huntington Bar.
Of course it would be better to wait to do anything in the laundry room until the handyman has been back to repair the wall we cut a chunk out of, and optimally we would have torn up the floor, re-jigged the plumbing and put in new cabinets before we purchased new appliances but that won't be happening this side of summer so before the Bosch machines arrive next Thursday we have to remove the old appliances, paint the damaged walls with oil-based primer, paint all the walls with a cheery colour (that we haven't chosen yet) and put up the shelves. We have a four day holiday to achieve this, plus three extra evenings. What could possibly go wrong?


Anonymous said...

"The final straw was having to dry every load twice because the tumble dryer was acting up." - This may be due to a clog inside the vent (either the vent hose or inside the wall). I'd recommend replacing the 5 feet vent hose behind the dryer when you install the new one. Don't use a vinyl hose. Anyway, congrats! I'm sure everything will work out nicely

modernemama said...

That was my first thought (dog hair) but it turned out to be because the washing machine was vibrating so badly it knocked the dryer away from the vent. It was easy to reattach the vent hose but the dancing washer problem? We're going for a permanent fix.
Thanks for the comment, though. We'll get a new vent hose and new hoses for the washer. And we'll level those babies properly.