The Cool House: Downstairs bathroom done

Friday, June 22, 2007

Downstairs bathroom done

downstairs bathroom
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We're all plumbed in and good to go, only three weeks after the final deadline but importantly two days before the visitors arrive. It's a temporary makeover but it's a big improvement over the 60s suite that was there before.
I do wonder, though, how long it will be before vessel sinks and pillar faucets are considered passé? 1969 Fawn Beige Toilet


Anonymous said...

What a dramatic difference!

arnout said...

hi arnout here

very nice blog!! i discovered the card you gave me just a few days ago. because my mother and sister didn`t have the power to stay awake like i did (although their flight was 3 hours sooner)but i`ve no reaons to complain. i`m glad the hotel has a nice lounge and business center so i can, for instance, read and watch the marvelous text you wrote and pictures taken. i assume by the guest who got in the pool on the 4th of july is me ;)


ps, there`s actually one thing, even though a bit shameful, worth telling you. i was really used to the fact that you`re toilets are `cat-safe`(they don`t clap), so i got scared and gave everyone in the room a heart attack (as verschieten). one thing i have to get used to ;)