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Friday, July 27, 2007

One door closes

Kitchen cabinets

It's been a few weeks since the corner cabinet door fell off its hinges, and for all of this time we have leant it up against the door frame and pretended nothing had happened.
One of our neighbours did ask why it was leaning like that and offered to bang a nail in it for us just so it would be back in position, but I politely declined. It's laminate, and I thought it would crack and look awful. Like a door leaning against the frame doesn't look bad enough?
Today was chore day, though and we thought we'd either have to nail it in or superglue it in place as it was becoming something of an embarrassment and more guests are due next week. We were all lined up with the glue when it became obvious that to close it in position we'd have to take off the hinges. And then it hit me. Why not take off the broken parts, put the good parts back at the top and bottom of the door and shut it (hopefully remembering NOT TO OPEN IT AGAIN, EVER). Half an hour later, with the help of another broken piece of another kitchen cabinet (did I mention we need a new kitchen?) the door was securely closed.
Steven is really proud that we managed to do this, but I can't get over the fact that it took us six weeks. Now, nobody breathe near this unit.

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