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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

When it rains here

July 18 2007
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it really rains. A few weeks ago the Village cleared the land it owns at the corner of Vineyard Rd and laid twelve storms drains. The idea is that the first inch of water, which contains all the pollutants, will be absorbed into this area before it has a chance to reach Long Island Sound.
But it rarely rains a little here. Huntington frequently features on the local news as the town where residents abandon their cars and take to kayaks. three inches is a common amount of rainfall and today we were hit by a serious storm.
The poor drains were overwhelmed and for an hour or so we had a raging torrent 2' wide streaming down Vineyard Rd alongside my property and a big flood on the bend where the road level dips. I don't know if any of the nitrates made it to the bay but the surge sure left a lot of debris behind.

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